Mixology International is your partner when you need advice and consultancy regarding business development, export strategy, marketing, branding, matchmaking and funding.

With a vast network and great experience Mixology International provides you insight and innovation and helps you grow your company.


Bring your ideas and initiatives, and get new perspective on how to increase revenue and growth and create long term value.
Get in depth advise to identify potential new markets, recognize the competitor landscape, understanding of local challenges and strengthening your USP´s to obtain international sales.


Get help developing your brand by identifying the value, spirit, and story behind. In a world where branding is everything, make sure your  brand name, style, visual identity and brand story is aligned with your customer base. All the marketing budget in the world will not help if your costumer can’t relate to your brand.


Get help market your brand and attract more customers by choosing the right channels, activities, and messages, to increase the reach of your brand. Never view marketing as an expense, but rather a way to create revenue.



Meet new markets and reach the right costumers and business partners by participating in export promotion around the world.


Get access to The international network of Mixology international, and to Identify and connect with new business partners and realize business opportunities within F&B and Foodservice.


Within a generous Danish public business environment, Mixology International can help you identify relevant public funding opportunities and get subsidies for your projects.