Must be considered a big success!

The IKEA festival was held in all of the country’s IKEA department stores from 16-20.
Guests could experience all sorts of activities; Artists, performers, plays, DJs, face painting and more. An experience for the whole family.

We were allowed to deliver the mocktail bars, where guests could have a delicious mocktail on their trip around IKEA.

Up to 500 drinks were produced per hour – almost 10,000 drinks in total and about 6900 flyers distributed among the 5 department stores.

It was been close to 10 years since I was among the first to introduce Mocktails in Denmark, it is great to see the Danes have finally taken Mocktails seriously!

Many thanks to our bartenders for delivering such a good job, thanks to Hans Just A/S for delivering Shake-it syrup to the event and many thanks to IKEA for supporting mocktails.