Must be considered a Big success!

The IKEA festival was held in all of the country’s IKEA department stores from 16-20.
Guests could experience all sorts of activities; Artists, performers, plays, DJs, face painting and more. An experience for the whole family.

Mixology International has asked to build the mocktail concept within matching the IKEA festival. The Mocktail setup was build around the visiting costumers, to make sure that all the mocktails being served, would be with ingrediense the “standard” costumer would find in any retail store, while stil giving the guest a taste experience. 


  • 5 warehouses
  • Up to 500 drinks were produced per hour
  • Close to 10.000 mocktails in total
  • 6900 flyers distributed


Many thanks to our bartenders for delivering such a good job, thanks to Hans Just A/S for delivering Shake-it syrup to the event and many thanks to IKEA for supporting mocktails.